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Screen Interference / Retina Display

By David

If rumours are correct we should see Apple release an upgraded Imac with the new retina display in September or October. We are in need of an upgrade and are eagerly awaiting more news. However, with this release we have much to consider…

 HD web is the future right? but it will be sometime before everyone has HD screens and browsing websites could appear fuzzy whilst we all play catch up?

 Will we be able to measure pixels effectively on our screens?

 Will stroke lines, pdf previews and other artwork anomalies cause confusion?

 Will there be an issue with colour representation…will black be too black?

 Are the retina screens too “home entertainment” and less “designers work tool”?

In a fitting tribute to our current confusion I have posted these snaps I took of my TV on a rainy day when it’s screen decided to show me the beauty of its pixels…



























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