Buck Design

We deliver the highest creative and technical output for all our clients.

Product Branding

Powerful Product branding can put you one step ahead of your competitors, can help to target markets that are overlooked. When producing product branding, the key is in the research…who are the competitors? what do their products look like? how can we differentiate our product from theirs? What markets do we want to participate in? These questions are fundamental to our approach. We create a personality and establish a unique voice for the brand, making a unique connection with the end user.

Product Design

We create designs for products that intuitively connect with the end user. We Identify the core values of the product and it’s position within the market. Our designs are relevant, scaleable and present the best solution for intended target markets.


Product Marketing

We follow our brands through to market and produce various marketing materials required for the exposure of our brands. Websites, packaging, printed literature, point of sale display, signage, social online marketing are just a few of the services we can provide.


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