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Design for large format is all about visual legibility from the required distances the message will be viewed from. When producing design for signage it is crucial before pen meets paper to establish the type of sign required and the intention of the message. Many designers will be used to producing designs for print and will be familiar with the term “space is your friend” using this rule to layout beautiful brochures with copy and images framed neatly within the page. However when it comes to signage, it is fundamental to understand that sometimes these rules apply and sometimes they don’t. For example a hoarding run or pitch signs will be more effective if the logo or message takes up the majority of the space on the board, so that they can be easily understood from a distance. On the flip side different techniques would be applied for reception signage etc. It is also essential to have a good understanding of the environment that the signage will live, this is also part of the visual canvas. For example a green sign with a lush

green Forrest setting behind it would be as lost.

At Buck Design we have an extensive experience of signage design and the materials available to meet your signage requirements. We work closely with the most reputable suppliers to bring you everything from pop-up banners and point of sale display to onsite hoardings and site signage, to chrome/Brushed Ali internally lit signage for reception areas shop fit-outs.